Password doesn't save in support system settings

I cannot receive emails from the support system. It seems when I try and save the settings the password I enter does not save. - At least what does get saved has eight characters in it regardless of the length of the password I enter.

I can change any other field and it will save but the password always returns as eight bold dots even if I enter a password of ten characters in length. Consequently when I test the IMAP settings I always get the "failed to connect to the IMAP server" message.

Any ideas on what I might try?

  • DavidM
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    Hi hucknallite,

    It always displays the password in that way (with that particular length) for security purposes (helps keep the password a bit more safe when people don't know exactly how long the password is).

    Given that, it should work fine with the proper IMAP settings. Is there any way you can verify that your IMAP settings are correct?


  • hucknallite
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    Thanks David.

    Knowing that helps, though only in elimination. I have been through everything a zillion times so was hoping I had spotted a problem. Will go back and see what I can do to get the support system working. Emails just disappear into nowhere at the moment and the site is giving the "failed to connect to IMAP server" message.

    Another email problem is in

    Site Admin >>> Settings >> General

    When I change the email, if it is an email under the domain of the website then I Do not receive the confirm change of address email.. If I enter an email that is not under my domain it works fine. My emails for the same domain of the website all work ok except when they are being sent to from the website. Will fine tooth comb it and get back later.

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