Password not accepted, PW reminder not working

(Fresh WordPress install with Multisite and Buddypress)


we found out that users didn’t receive a password on account creation and decided to install the Set Password plugin.


– Users can chose a password on register now, but they are not able to login with that PW.

– If they use the password reminder, they get a “user name or email address does not exist” error. The user account is activated though and has a valid email address which successfully received the activation email initially.

Thank you in advance!

Edit 01: The error on password reminder does not seem to be related to the plugin. I disabled it and the reminder is still not working.

Edit 02: If I (logged in as super admin user) change the password of the user, they are able to log in with the new password.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @maneramedia

    Thanks for bringing these issues to our attention.

    It is important to note that if you are running a development version of BuddyPress, we cannot guarantee plugin behavior. Nor can we offer support in such instances.

    We only guarantee and support our products with the latest stable versions of the software:

    WordPress 3.5.1

    BuddyPress 1.6.4

    However, if emails are not sent even with BP deactivated, you may want to verify that wp_mail is functioning correctly. Here’s an easy way to test that:

  • maneramedia
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Patrick,

    thank you for your quick response. wp_mail does work.

    I found out, that these mails got filtered, because I used a different mail host than the actual site domain.

    After disabling Buddypress completely, the automatic password is generated like supposed and also sent via email to the subscriber.

    I uninstalled Buddypress 1.7 and switched back to the latest stable release, but here’s the problem:

    – User subscribes for an account an a site (without giving in an individual password)

    – User activates account

    – User receives message, that the account is activated and accessible vie the self-chosen password (which in fact he didn’t choose).

    Seems to be a conflict between Multisite and Buddypress user registration.

    I will open a new thread in the Buddypress section, because this is clearly not related to the Set Password plugin.

    Thank you.

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