Password Protect not working on IE / Mobile / Safari?

I've been putting up a small site using password protect to hide a link, and I'm having issues getting it to work in IE or on my iPhone.

The site is:
The password is: discovery

This is a WPMU site on my primary account

I just put this up and it could be that there's an issue at my office (although iPhone doesn't work over 3G even though it loads the page - when I type in the password and click Go, it takes a moment, reloads the page, and stil has the password field listed).

Now that I think about it, I do have QuickCache installed - however, as I mentioned earlier, I'm able to login just fine in Chrome.

I am heading home to check from a different location, but wanted to submit this question to see if I need to try something else (I've been setting this up for an event tonight and tomorrow).


  • brandon_dennis

    Ahhh, apparently I didn't think this through or test it thoroughly.

    It *WAS* related to the QuickCache. If I cleared the cache, it would show the password field and no matter how much I entered it, it would keep reloading the (cached) version.

    Once I cleared the cache, I saw that it had kept the cookie and enabled access. However, since I still had the QuickCache, *then* it was caching the password protected content and showing it to everyone.

    My short-term solution is to disable the cache plugin, but there may be a way to exclude pages that use Password Protect. Either way, FYI - QuickCache appears to be out-of-the-box not compatible with this. The plugin itself works great! Thanks.

  • Vaughan

    Hi Brandon,

    thanks for letting us know you resolved this.

    I haven't used the quickcache plugin before so I don't know anything about it. I know W3TC offers the ability to add exceptions which stops it caching those, particularly cookies, so if you view the cookies for your site, you should see a cookie for the password protect, maybe you can add that cookie to the exceptions list if quickcache has that functionality.

    Hope this helps

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