Password protect redirects to wp-admin

When I enter the password on a password protected page (not logged in, no cookies stored, viewing as a regular user would view), I’m redirected to a blank white screen with the URL:

Please advise.



  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Can I see a sample page to test? Sample pass?

    Have you tested in other browsers?

    Have you tested with all other plugins disabled to ensure it isn’t a conflict somewhere? Same for the theme and using the default Twenty Eleven theme?

    Just wondering if there is a conflict there…

    Let me know.

  • daisypeel
    • Flash Drive

    I’m sure there’s a conflict, although I’ve never gotten the WP included post/page protection to work without a white screen either. I am headed out of state today and have open registration going on in my online classroom right now, so it may be a few days before I can play around with changing the theme and such, but I will report back ASAP.


  • PC
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Greetings daisypeel,

    We have not heard back from you as to the status of this issue.

    If you are still having an issue please let us know so that we may try to get you fixed up as soon as possible by choosing to check mark this ticket as unresolved below and posting any new errors or symptoms you are noticing.

    This action will also bring your ticket up front back in plain view again within the ticket system.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev member!



  • daisypeel
    • Flash Drive

    When I set up a dummy page here, it works:

    But when I set it up on this page, where SSL is required, it does not work:

    Goes to a blank white screen and the url is wp-pass.php. However, refreshing the page makes protected content appear, at least in Chrome. Others trying to use the password (pdxk9fitness) have reported that refreshing doesn’t work for them in other browsers. If they use IE I tell them they are out of luck :slight_smile:

  • daisypeel
    • Flash Drive

    The page still does not work. I’ve live chatted with a very nice customer support guy here, Cole, who is looking in to it. Something going on with the AJAX, he said he’s troubleshooting, so there is something definitely going on with the plugin, but we can’t find any errors in my logs…

  • daisypeel
    • Flash Drive

    I’m going to just say this, WPMU support is wonderful. No, you guys didn’t solve my problem, but I am REALLY happy how you stuck with me trying. Definitely worth the membership fees and worth sticking with you guys, so THANKS for that.

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings daisypeel,

    Thank you for your wonderful positive feedback which is absolutely appreciated.

    This particular issue became a house of cards as you are well aware and the more we tried to fix it the worse things seem to get :slight_frown:

    I know for a fact that it was primarily caused by W3TC, not the issue itself but trying to repair the issue and the more we tried the worse things got – that portion.

    In the end we had things working (not the initial plugin issue) but could not get to the admin log in page as you are well aware of.

    (I am mentioning all this for other WPMU Dev members sake)

    In the end you had to restore a backup just to get your site back up again which is embarrassing on our part but once again since these issues seem to be common place for those using W3TC by just doing a Google about it, well enough said.

    On a side note for those who are not in the know and since this post is to try to help other members as well – Hosting is absolutely the most important part of the chain and the very foundation of which your site/web property/internet empire exists.

    It is my professional opinion which is derived from direct experience, that unless you are getting more then a million hits a month, the need for caching to increase site performance should not be needed as demonstrated in real life by Mark De Scande with his server

    No caching BS, just straight performance at 15,000 hits in a single day – jealous yet?

    Performance hosting is indeed available inexpensively that just trashes most of the competitors when considering performance as well as many other issues.

    Sure many hosting farms promise you the world while they secretly or by non disclosure hide the holes in their product and while at the same time for maximum profitability without regard to the clients, ramp on as many sites as they can on a single server and in most cases in excess of 200+ and more – and people wonder why they are not getting performance and resort to caching – the poor mans hardware and way of dealing with under performance or even throttled performance as shown that is being done on Blue Host –> – at least they disclose this fact.

    Note how they have the 15Mbps transfer speed even for their resellers – what about the 100Mbps that the equipment certainly comes with if not 1000Mbps? Absolute proof of throttling – so much for unlimited bandwidth when it is being pushed through a straw rather then a fire hose.

    The reason why I brought all this up is it is again my professional opinion that all the caching grief and lack of performance would not be happening to folks if they indeed had the right host that offers performance without the need for caching schemes and the like and that hosting is indeed the most important aspect of the equation and the very foundation of our sites using WordPress or not.

    Cheers, Joe

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