password reset link not working


One of my users reported me that the password reset link that sent to the users' e-mails are not working. The reset link redirects itself to the front page, instead of the page where the user can assign a new password.

I am using Members Only plugin (which redirects the non registered users to homepage with the exception of the pages I submitted, e.g faq pages) and Membership2 by Wpmudev. I am thinking that the problem might be relevant to these 2 plugins. I disabled the Members Only plugin, but then it got worse; after actual login of the user, the page still shows the username and password fields to fill in. So activated it again.

The password reset tool is quite important for the site, so I need to fix the problem urgently. Can you help me with that without actually having to give up any of the plugins mentioned above?


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey @Ozge,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    I have checked your site and as soon as deactivated BuddyPress Members Only plugin I was unable to access front end of the site anymore, all I got is a white page.

    I see that you have over 50 plugins active on your site including quite a few for caching and performance boost, I would suggest deactivating your plugins one by one and check which one is causing you issues.

    Also, you can enable wp_debug in your wp-config.php and that should show errors on white page and possibly tell us which plugin is causing it.

    I would also suggest clearing cache before disabling caching plugins.

    Let us know of the results.

    Best regards,

  • Ozge

    Hi Predrag,

    Thanks for the quick reply. However, answering with "you have lots of plugins, try to disable them one by one" is not helping anything on my side. I have a running website with users in it, I need to at least know which plugins might be causing or relevant to the problem. And this is where you guys take place and come with an actual working answer.

    ? already explained in the inital post that I had already disabled the Members Only plugin and everything got worse. For almost 2-3 months I havent done anything different regarding the cache plugins, they have been there standing still. The problem is about a redirection, I dont how this is relevant to any cache tool, anyways. Could this be relevant to Membership 2 plugin, which migrated the settings from the older plugin a few days ago, for example?

    To sum up, I need more than "try disabling the plugins".


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