past events will not switch automatically from open to archived

Hi everyone,

first of all events+ is a well integrated BuddyPress plugin and I love it! My plan is to make some advertising for Events+ on our Website.

Let's talk about the issue. Unfortunately after a huge invest of time I'm totally lost to get the right configuration.


We are a small Tennis club with approx. 100 members. Nearly 40 of them are playing tournaments during the season. There teams for men's, woman's and youths. Every team has his own group. The request is to manage the appointments for the tournament with events.

For that every teamster will create events for the hole season (14 events/year) and the members of the team will provide their state if they are playing or not by clicking the button yes/maybe/no. This brings the teamster in the situation to see who will play at the next match day and whether a team have enough players. So far so good.

Technical Situation / Configuration:

I have Events+ on a WP3.6 and BP 1.8 setup installed. Well, I was able to change some CSS settings and to configure the setup for Events+ to fulfill 90% of my requirements. Thats ok.

Every team / group has one calendar and an appointment list. Furthermore there is one "global" calendar to show all events: past, current and future.

- Group calendar: A fast overview of all events. Only future events should be visible (incl. the current day). Past events should be hidden (not deleted).

- Appointment list: Every member can change his personal state very fast for a match day. E.g. from "yes" to "maybe" or from "no" to "yes". The teamster get an overview who will play. In addition no past events, only future events (incl. the current day). Past events should be hidden (not deleted).

- Global calendar: The global calendar is accessible for all groups and should show all events: past, current and future events.

Issues / Problems:

1) The past events will not automatically archived and will be open even after one week. The state in the DB (table _posts) is comment_status="open". Furthermore I can see that the css class is "wpmudevevents-calendar-event open".

I'm pretty sure that I have seen events during my tests where the css class was="wpmudevevents-calendar-event archived" after an event was in the past.

My questions

1.1): What do I have to change in the setup that events will be archived when they are in the past? Archived means: to get the state "archived", hidden in the group calendar and only visible in the global calendar.

1.2): The same like 1.1) but now for the appointment list.

I know the shortcuts and so on, but my major problem is that the appointments wouldn't switch automatically from "open" to "archived".

Sorry for the long story I wrote but I'm not sure what you need to provide me some hints and answers.

I would appreciate it if you can help me a little bit. Thanks in advance for your support and many greetings from Germany.