@patrick still waiting for your help

Hi @patrick iv been waiting for a reply from you for 2 days now and you said you would help me but as you can see messaging like this is useless as your not responding to my last post when you said you could walk me through this, in my latest post i expressed what was going on and still no response from you so as said in last post >>> ok iv managed to get something to show up however im still not sure if its working correctly as you can see from this link http://www.5vers.co.uk/featured-business-listings/
the my listing button says page not found and also the add listing button says the same so not sure where to go from here, please get back to me asap as iv heard nothing back from you since your last message !!!

and also i am having problems with Q&A not showing on site and also the same with classifieds all 3 plugins are not showing correctly on site so can you please install this for me with my permission and if anything goes wrong dont worry as i have backups i really need this help cheers !!!