Pay before signup

I just joined today, and need some help : )
Is there a way to use supporter or the membership plugin (which ever will work best) to have users pay before they sign up....


  • Barry
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    @inkpress - the answer you'll need to work out initially is how will you identify someone who has paid?

    The main reason membership and supported create accounts (admittedly ones that are either disabled or are of little use) prior to asking for payment is so that the payment can be "attached" to the users account.

    If you take the payment first and the user has a problem with their browser or internet connection - how do they recover and continue with their account creation without having to pay again?

  • inkpress
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    Hi Barry,

    Thanks for your response, and I see your point.

    Would it be possible (with any of the plugins or combination) to do this...

    Signup process --> and at this stage pay --> and then get activation and welcome email...

    I have been trying out the membership plugin / supporter and Pay to blog, none seem to facilitate this process, although I could be missing something... I just want to make sure there is as little confusion as possible for users.

    In fact if you have a tried and true suggestion, it would be a great help.

  • drmike
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    Gotta admit I think Pay to Blog is more of what you;re looking for. Granted though it's pay during signup I believe, not before.

    Maybe a method of merging with whatever you;re using for hosting platform. What are you currently using? (ie CPanel, direct admin, etc.)

  • inkpress
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    Hi drmike,

    Thanks for your feedback, I am using Cpanel.

    Paying during signup would be great... but when I installed Pay to blog and tested signup, it did not give me the option to pay at all, I will give it another try... thanks : )

  • inkpress
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    : )

    no error logs pertaining to any of the plugins running... however, I did have to remove Easy Blogging as it just seemed to loop during login... but will deal with this later...

    I tried a new sign up.. the process was the same as before...

    /wp-signup.php (enter details) --> Continue (enter username/password) --> activation email--> activate-->congratulations screen --> login --> Options to pay.

    I read through the installation procedure again and again incase I missed something.

    blog.php -- >wp-admin
    pay-to-blog-paypal.php -->root (wp installation, where wp-config is )
    pay-to-blog.php -->wp-content/mu-plugins

    Is there something I have to change on the sign up page, or on any of the settings... (I attached screenshot of pay-to-blog in admin area, seems to be fully functional).

  • justin-madigan
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    I am having a similar issue. I am not using pay to blog though. I have the supporter plugin installed. It asks the user if they are interested in a Pro Membership at signup but after submitting they are never brought to the screen to pay. The only way they can pay and add the Pro Membership and features is once the login and click "Pro" in the backend. I have followed the installation instructions and am unsure why I am experiencing these issues.

  • Barry
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    @justin-madigan - that's a different issue on a different plugin - can you start a new thread for that.

    @inkpress - it will take custom development to move the payment request location in most of our plugins. For pay to blog not requesting payment - if you chang the demo period to 1 day and then login on your new account after a day does the payment screen come up?

    It should display when the user tries to access the admin area of the site to "blog" i.e. Pay to blog.

  • inkpress
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    Ah, if it's not supposed to give an option to pay during sign up, then it was working correctly, what I was looking for was for the user to pay while signing up, before login.

    If you look at DrMike's 2nd response

    It should do it during signup. Walk us through your install procedure and double check your webserver's error logs please.

    I spent days installing and uninstalling this plugin, because I was lead to believe it would work during sign up... it was pretty frustrating.

    I am prepared to make any custom changes to the plugin if you direct me to the right place, however I do understand that is not part of the support.

  • Barry
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    No, that one only kicks in when they login:

    After registering, the user will go to log in to their account and see the following:

    (from )

    What you could ideally do with in this case is to keep pay to blog (so that once a period expires it already has the "pay again" part, but integrate a pay pal step into the signup form - which adds a step that they must complete, but if they don't, then they get the signup page again (powered by the pay to blog plugin) if they try to login.

    Shouldn't be too tricky to do, though I'll have to re-familiarise myself with the plugin to check and give you some pointers.

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