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Hey Guys! I'm almost ready to go with my ecommerce store, I just need to integrate PayPal Pro, however, I don't see a PayPal Pro under gateways, I have an SSL certificate so that's not an issue. How do I integrate PayPal Pro? Thanks in advance!

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    Hi ghmaster,

    PayPal Pro isn't available just yet for MarketPress, though it's in the works. We can't give an ETA on it at this point but given that the latest beta version of Supporter includes that gateway, it shouldn't be too far off at this point.

    If you need that right away, you could take a look at the various gateways included in the MarketPress folder, as they provide a great starting point. And using the gateway included in the Supporter beta may make the task much simpler too.


  • ghmaster
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    Hey Guys! Thanks for the quick response. I've experimented using just PayPal Express, but I felt they make customers go through too many steps which hurts conversion rates.

    I do have a reasonable familiarity with PHP, so if the developer could provide the basic overview of how integration takes place, and potential pitfalls, I might be able to integrate it myself. I don't use additional features such as BuddyPress, so it's just a straight ecommerce shopping cart integration. Thanks in advance!

  • ghmaster
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    Hey guys! I took a look at the other gateways and I'm able to send a successful transaction to PayPal with PayPal Pro, however when I try and create a MarketPress order I get a 404 error (the transaction is successful though), and the transaction is also successful when I don't try to create a MarketPress order. I thought that during the course of development you guys may have encountered a similar problem??

    I don't know if this is part of the problem, but when I'm not logged in the shopping cart seems to be 'off by one.' Meaning if I add an item to the cart it displays 1 less item than the actual item count when I click the view cart button. Also, I'm using Gridmart theme. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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