Pay Per Impression Model, or Only Requiring Users' PayPal Address

Hi guys, this question is not related to any specific plugin or feature, but I cannot find any answers to it.

I have always had an interest for revenue sharing websites in which users earn simply by signing up. In other words, they don't need to insert an AdSense code anywhere in their main profile, or any other type of code.

A perfect example is a site called InfoBarrel, in which users simply need to provide their PayPal address. From the website itself, people can see their daily earnings and so on, and their money is eventually deposited into their PayPal. This money may come from ad clicks or impressions.

Another website example is BubbleWS, in which people receive one cent per every view, in real time.

In layman's terms, would anyone know how to go about accomplishing this? I dont know where to even start looking for an answer; if this is a feature hidden deeply within PayPal's API or AdSense API, etc. I dont know about its complexity or if these websites had to hire someone to do some VERY custom customization...

Where would I start looking? Any takers? :slight_smile:

  • Vaughan

    Hi @elvis,

    These are probably some kind of impressions or page views by the sounds of it. On infoBarrel, they pay you to post, so essentially, you post articles & then you get paid x amount for everytime that article is viewed. So I guess you're taking a cut of the advertising revenue.

    So something like the AD Sharing plugin this pretty much does this, but on a much smaller scale to there's, though a bit more customized, you might want to check that out 1st.

    But the basic idea focuses on the Ad revenue sharing, There are a lot of advertisers on those sites, so I guess they do have a good revenue stream coming in from advertisers.

    Hope this helps

  • The One

    Yeah I was primarily wondering how sites like InfoBarrel know how to split their revenue with writers merely by asking them for their PayPal address and nothing more.

    Most article sites require users to first sign up for AdSense, and then provide their ad code. However, if I could find a similar solution (only ask users for their PayPal) this would prevent people from jumping through so many hoops, know what I mean?

    Since I couldnt find an answer anywhere, I assume this is done through some VERY custom coding, unless it's an advanced feature made with the PayPal API or AdSense's. But i might end up going straight to the source and see if they are willing to spill the beans on this neat method :slight_smile:

    P.S. Where did the "mark as resolved" button go? it disappeared for some reason. Feel free to close!


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