Pay per View and Registering for day pass and monthly pass


I noticed when a user is asked to pay with a day pass or monthly, that is does show social logins which is good. But, if they do not want to do that with the social login, then click register with wordpress.

Two Important questions:

1. How can I remove "Wordpress" in the button or choose one of my own buttons?

2. I see that there is no option to click to Register. Can you or does it already have a option to allow for registering on the spot? It only has a place to put in a current username and password only and not a option register if they don't already have one. Can you add this or how can I?

Otherwise, I have to explain to them what to do in another part of the page or post (i.e. In order for you to pay for a all access day pass, you have to Register by clicking here or the top of the menu bar (unless you already have a username and password) and be sure you are logged in first. Then you may go ahead and pay for a all access day pass or monthly pass etc etc etc).

Thanks folks!!!