Pay per view buttons not showing / content not protected

I just installed the plugin for the first time. I changed my settings and added my Paypal credentials. I want to use recurring subscriptions for my site and protect only posts.

When I go to my site (, I still see all the content, even when I am not logged in as an admin or user. And I don't see any buttons that I need to click on if I want to become a member and see the premium content.

The 'Edit Post' screen tells me that the effective status is Enabled.

What I am doing wrong?

I have the latest versions of WP and the plugin. I use the Corporative Theme by BDThemes.


  • Alexander
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    Hi @anthony_carter,

    Can you go to "Pay Per View" in the dashboard, and check a few settings?

    Under "Global Options" check to ensure "Protection for posts" is set to "Enabled for all posts"

    Under "Accessibility Options" ensure "Authorized users see full content" is set to "no"

    If this doesn't make a difference, can you please test for a plugin and theme conflict? You can do this by switching to the default theme (TwentyThirteen) and deactivating all your plugins. After this, test the issue as see if anything is different. If it's working, try changing your theme back and testing again. If at this point it's working, we know it's a theme conflict. If not, start reactivating your plugins and testing as you go along, once it stops working you'll be able to know which plugin is causing a conflict. Once a conflict is identified, we can look into a specific solution for it.

    Also, have you checked our our Membership plugin? This is another good solution for ongoing access to content instead of immediate short term access.

    Best regards,

  • anthony_carter
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    Hi Alexander,
    Suddenly the functionality did work. I am not sure what happened. I didn't need to follow your instructions in the end.

    You are right about the Membership plugin. I decided to cancel the Pay-per-view plugin subscription. But I want to download the Membership plugin. When I click on the link "Get Membership", the website gives me only the option to upgrade to a more expensive subscription plan. But I just want to download Membership.

    What should I do?


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