Pay Per View - content not showing after purchase

I have Pay Per View installed with PayPal sandbox account and Recurring Subscription enabled.
What works is subscriptions buttons show up where they should. Gets redirected to PayPal sandbox account. Can see transaction payment on Paypal has occurred.

What doesn't work are the following:
1. After payment and when redirected to our page, subscription button still there, content still locked and no indication of transaction has occurred on the admin side. I have tried "one time view" and that works fine both transaction on PayPal and our site!

2. Minor thing but still relevant to us. The "one time view" has a different look on PayPal and redirects automatically to our page nicely. The "Recurring subscription" however, has a different layout and there is a button to redirect to our site. When you click it, it gives a security warning and asks the user to continue anyway. Any way to avoid this? We would really like it to work and look like the "one time view".

3. I've been mostly testing on my local version, the "one time view" gives a list of errors when I confirm payment on our site though transaction has occurred but content is still locked. However, the online version works fine, (debug is of course false there, i suppose). I guess if it works online, its ok but thought you should know, or if you had an explanation.