Pay Per View functionality

Ok, so i implemented paypal “live” instead of “sandbox” to test out the functionality. Paid to access one kind of content (ie. video 1). I have 2 posts/pages. Video 1 and Video 2. When I paid to access Video 1, i can access Video 1; however, I can access Video 2 as well. Do I understand it correctly that the Pay Per View plugin will allow the viewed content based on which post/page is being paid for individually? So if I have 2 different posts/pages, I want the user to pay for access to that one post only and not the other? I just wanted help and clarification on the functionality. So the functionality for my project is this:

I have several videos on my site that I would like to allow paying members to access. I don’t want members to access all the videos after one purchase; I only want members to access a video that they paid access for. So if a customer wants to pay to access video 1, only video 1 should be available to them and not videos 2,3,4,etc… This concept would apply to subscriptions as well. I understand it to be that this plugin can do just that. Or would the membership plugin do that for me?