Pay Per View not showing button when not logged in

Hi there,

Goal: I need to lock down an application page so people need to pay to be able to fill it out.

Problem 1: Trying to follow the instructions on the site as to how to set up Pay-per-View, I was able to get to the step to add the short code to the page with the content to hide, but it's not hiding it nor is there a button showing (not logged in as admin). I have it set to the selection tool, and pushed the code tag to the end of the hidden content.

Problem 2: Is there a way to have a button on one page that will take the payment and send you to another page? I would love to set it up so that they get to the front page, click and pay, then get sent to the application page.

Wordpress Multipress site
Theme: Dynamix
*the green button at the bottom is one I created but would love for it to be "the one" for payment, but it leads to the form that needs to be protected.

Any help with either of these would be appreciated greatly!
Thank you!