Pay Per View not working when W2 Total Cache activated

I was able to successfully (okay 95% success – more about the little bit that’s not working later) test the Pay Per View plug in on my site so that it worked for all three options (one time, one day, 30 days). However, when I activated W3 Total Cache, I am stuck near the beginning of the testing with clicking either the one day or 30 day buttons. After I choose Facebook, Twitter or Google it attempts to authenticate — sometimes appears to successfully do so — then returns back to the original screen and never goes to PayPal: dead in the water. The one time button successfully tests all the way through to hidden content.

Back to the 95% success…when I purchase either the one day or 30 day options it successfully returns me back to the web page but the user doesn’t see the hidden content until he refreshes the page; he only sees the three buttons. I can work around this with a note that says he should refresh the page but it should work better than this.

Here’s the link to one of the PPV pages: