pay per view one time view one price for all pages?

Hi, having trouble if go the route of daily pass as it is very confusing for customers. Says logging in with wordpress will send password - didn't with test.
Registering if not with social media is messy anyway. Trying to make a free access to view for media only for publicity by giving them an authorisation that should allow them access (contributor) if they go in through your wordpress login still get taken to worldpay then need to click back on browser - cant ask media reporters to do this. Go other route and they get another convoluted route through dashboard.

The main question though is I would like one price for all content without customers registering. Have 75 pages of video (and more to come). Can't ask them to pay 5p by paypal for each page.
And registering route the clunky way it is with wordpress (which does not send passwords - is there something else to set up?) will lead to me spending all my time on complaints.
Is there any way to use one time view at one price for all pages?
Many thanks