Pay Per View or Membership 2 Pro

Hi Guys, I've installed and tested Pay Per View on a site but it's not quite performing or doing what I need it to. As the 'one time view' function doesn't require the user to register, once they clear their cache access is revoked and they have to pay to see the specific page again! This is the not ideal part....

I need to be able to sell content on a page by page basis depending on what the users wants to see, all whilst remembering which pages they have paid for i.e. with a registered user account.

With Pay Per View it looks as though it can either request payment one page at a time with no way of remembering which have been paid for OR access to ALL protected pages for a single one of payment for an admin set specific period of time i.e all pages for 365 days, is this correct?

So... after some consideration it looks like I am going to have to to rethink my approach to this as 'one time view' for specific pages doesn't allow/require the page by page access for a year that I had hoped it would. Would I be able to use Membership to lock pages and then require registration and THEN use the 'one time view' once they were a registered member, or would access to pages still be revoked if they cleared their cache?

Any suggestions/help/advice would be greatly appreciated.