Pay Per View pending transactions

I'm trying to use Pay Per View and have the Daily Pass option to $100 for 90 days. I'm using Paypal Sandbox to test out my purchases. I click and order the content I want to see and go through the payment process and purchase the course. However, I'm taken back to my original payment page, but instead of seeing the content I just paid for, I see the same pages telling me I can purchase the content for $100 for 90 days. In my Sandbox account, the $100 is deducted so the payment went through.

When I check Pay Per View it does not show anything under Recent Transactions, so Wordpress did not get the purchase info. When I click on Pending Transactions, I can see that my transaction is pending...but waiting on what?

The user is suppose to register but this option is never given. I would appreciate any help on this to get me back on track.


  • Kimberly
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    Hello zech4_6

    Welcome to the WPMUDEV Community

    Do you have registration enabled on the site?

    If the registration is not created then the payment process may not be able to complete. Just an idea.

    Do you have plans to upgrade to Wordpress 3.4? I've done some testing with Pay Per View recently with WP 3.4 and it works great :slight_smile:



  • zech4_6
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    Hey Kimberly, thanks!
    I did find this out and found out that you can only register through a FB or Twitter API. You can't set this to register normally with an email address and password to create an account on my website, if I'm correct that is?

  • Hakan
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    Hi zech4_6,

    In the current version, only registered users can login using their Wordpress account from front end.

    So they need to be registered beforehand.

    Registration from front end (without leaving the page) is highly complicated and it will be added in the next version.

    You may ask why it is complicated. Because it requires intense javascript usage and we are spending our 90% of time for trying to figure out javascript conflicts created by badly written themes or out of date plugins.

    If it is not so crucial for you, I suggest letting users log in by their Facebook or Twitter accounts at the moment. I mean, it is safer in the eyes of the user and it still creates the same user information compared to normal Wordpress registration.

    The only disadvantage is not letting logins without a Facebook or Twitter account.


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