Pay Per View pending transactions

I’m trying to use Pay Per View and have the Daily Pass option to $100 for 90 days. I’m using Paypal Sandbox to test out my purchases. I click and order the content I want to see and go through the payment process and purchase the course. However, I’m taken back to my original payment page, but instead of seeing the content I just paid for, I see the same pages telling me I can purchase the content for $100 for 90 days. In my Sandbox account, the $100 is deducted so the payment went through.

When I check Pay Per View it does not show anything under Recent Transactions, so WordPress did not get the purchase info. When I click on Pending Transactions, I can see that my transaction is pending…but waiting on what?

The user is suppose to register but this option is never given. I would appreciate any help on this to get me back on track.