Pay Per View - Permanent Viewing Option

I want to have my customers pay to view each article but I'd like their viewing privileges to be permanent for each article that they buy, so they can revisit it without paying. Is that how it is set up automatically or is there a way to do this so they don't have to pay every time they want to see the article? This may already be how it is set up, I'm not sure.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Eric,

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    The Pay Per View plugin is not set that way by default. You may specify a long "cookie validity time" (in hours) on "Pay Per View" settings page so the cookie would last e.g. 10 years and that would work pretty much the way you wish. However, the downside is that if a user logs in from another device or even browser or cookies are removed from browser, that would be "lost".

    A "one time payment for permanent access" that would work well would require user to login to the site first so the data about the allowed content could be saved to the database and associated with a user.

    The Pay Per View plugin can support that partially - with that exception that payment would be giving an access to all the content for logged in users (it's a "Period Pass" option) for a specified amount of time.

    An alternative option may be our Membership 2 Pro plugin:

    You could enable "Multiple Memberships" add-on that comes with it (that would let users sign up for multiple memberships) and then create separate memberships for each content part that should be charged separately for access. These memberships could have different prices and may be set as "one time payment for permanent access" so a user visiting protected post would need to pay for specific membership to access it. Then such user would maintain access to that particular post for as long as he/she is a registered user on your site.

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