Pay Per View Plug-In User Accounts

I configured PPV per the installation instructions and then added (via the Select Tool) a page with a webinar. The buttons (current content only, 1 month subscription to all content, and 1 year subscription to all content) appear beautifully. When my colleague (who does not have a Wordpress account for our site) test the page everything worked fine -- he saw the buttons, he clicked the current content purchase, he paid through PayPal, and he viewed the content. He was never prompted to create a user account -- and no account was created for him. Can you tell me what we're doing wrong? Our goal is to have the "current content only" option allow a user to buy only the content being described and to be able to view it (and only it) for 1 month. We want a user account to be created so that we can keep track of who buys what via the Transactions page.