Pay Per View return just the price (no description)

Hi there,
I'm doing a bit of hard coding in my theme for a membership site i'm building that uses membership 2 and pay per view.

If a user is not a member, then they are shown the Pay Per View payment button on post lists - if they click through to the post, they are also shown the PPV button (and the post content is hidden).

On the post list view though I'd like to just show the price and not a button to pay for the post. This way, users then click through to the post single view and are shown the PPV button.

Here is my current code:

`$member = MS_Plugin::$api->get_current_member();
if ( !$member->has_membership(152) || $super_premium=='1') {
if ( function_exists( 'wpmudev_ppw' ) ) {
$html = '';
$id = $post->ID;
$description = 'lesson';
$price = '';
echo wpmudev_ppw_html( $html, $id, $description, $price );

This displays the button on each post in list view - is there a way to just return the price for each post instead?