Pay per view with AWS cloudfront

Hi Team,

I notice that pay per view plugin has stopped working since i enabled cloud front full size cache.

some background for you:

1) I do not have any cache plugin installed on my wordpress site. I configured AWS distribution via their console, and set the origin is from my main domain which is:, plus alternative name: I also have my CNAME for www point to AWS cloud front URL. everything setup and working correctly, i am happy.


when i click the button pay to view the content, it redirect me to Paypal, and i filled all forms on Paypal site, and then it redirect me back to the post on my site.

as for usual behaviour, It should show button like: confirm to may $ to view this content, and people can press it, and it will start display the content.

however, after enabled cloud front, and Paypal url redirect back to my post on my site. I do not see that confirm payment button, instead i still see the same button which ask me to pay $ for view, or pay $ to view for a day, or pay $ to view for 30 days. For me, looks like the session does not get refresh somehow and still see the cached site.

have any of your customers come across this issue? Or do you know if there is any special things which i need configure to make that plugin work?

for now, i have to disable cloud front, and remove my CNAME, because i need ensure pay per view work for my post.

thank you, and i i could hear anything from you.