Pay Per View with Woocommerce Categories

I am trying to protect certain Woocommerce categories generated by a plugin Bulk Photo to Product Importer so that people who want to view their photos have to pay a “preview fee” with the Pay Per View plugin, and can then select the photos to buy through woocommerce once they view them.

I am trying to use the do_shortcode(‘ppw’:wink: in my theme, as well as the function provided in your usage manual to try to protect the content in the archive-product.php template of woocommerce. Is there any way to do this? I know it’s a bit of strange customization.

I can’t use membership, because we need people to pay for each day they want to view their photos, instead of being able to access them with their membership. If someone has two different shoots, then their membership will allow them to view a category that their membership level allows without paying for the new category.

Any suggestions?