Pay per view/click for blog authors: Has anyone seen anything like this?

Ad Sharing plugin is great and works great. It's "hands off" as you set the percentage you share with the author and let them add their ad code but we have another request:

We have a client asking if they can simply find a good way to track how many hits an author gets per post and they can set an amount they want to pay per view. This doesn't require the author to setup an Adsense or other advertising account and the site owner can manage all the ads but simply reward authors for the traffic they bring to the site.

The Ad Sharing plugin is setup for "sub contractors/authors" and they are looking more for an "employee/author/reporter" tracking to pay or give bonus to their better authors.

I'm sure we can dig into Analytics but that would be too labor intensive... maybe the reason we can't find a solution to this?

I've done some searching, anyone have ideas/guidance?