Pay to blog vs Supporter vs Upgrades


I'm new and am not sure which plugins to use to create the setup that I want.

I currently have WPMU and Buddypress installed on my server and have also activated the Buddy Social theme.

Here's what I'd like to have.

1. People who sign up for free are prospects who can participate in the site, i.e. reply to forum posts, read and comment on blogs but are not able to themeselves, create blogs. (free member)

2. I would like to limit the ability to create their own blog to vendors who would pay a small monthly fee. First month would be free. A basic vendor would only be able to create a blog for their business.

3. To remove ads from their blog, access premium plugins and premium themes, they will need to upgrade to a higher vendor level. (pro vendor)

4. If possible, I would like them to have free access to all levels for the first free trial month, and then after that they will only have access to the basic membership until they upgrade to the pro vendor.

I've read about the Pay to Blog plugin and the Supporter plugin. Then there's also the Upgrades plugin.

Which one whould suit my needs best?

Just wanted to mention that I'm also new to BuddyPress and would appreciate it if someone can tell me if BuddyPress is needed for my setup.

Essentially, I would like to help the women in my community to run their own business blog. I will be promoting the main site and this will help drive traffic to their individual blogs. I'd like them to be able to communicate with their potential buyers and existing customers.

I'd also like this to be a place where existing and potential customers can leave feedback on the vendor products and share experiences and advice.

Thanks in advance.

Warm regards,