Pay to Blog doesn't work with BuddyPress?

Hi :slight_smile: I have buddypress, WP 3.0.1 set up as multisite, and the Buddypress social theme 1.1.8. After installing Pay to Blog, I see the control panel in my Admin dashboard; however I'm never able to get to the user screen that requests payment. I can just log in as a new user and create a blog.

So I'm starting to think that this is because buddypress uses instead of and that the pay to blog plugin never gets activated as a result.

I was hoping somebody could confirm that this is the case? (That Pay to Blog doesn't work with buddypress.) And that I should be trying to do this some other way?

Basically my end goal is that I would like to have:

a) New users pay a small yearly subscription to join as a Buddypress community member
b) Users pay an upgrade amount to get a blog.

I thought I would use Pay to Blog for (a) and Supporter for (b) but perhaps I'm just going about this the wrong way.

  • James Farmer

    Hi John,

    Welcome to WPMU DEV!

    The main reason pay to blog doesn't work with BuddyPress is that it's not supposed to I'm afraid, check the compatibility listings, it's only for Multisite, sorry!

    However, all is not lost, by any means.

    Our Supporter plugin will allow you to limit BuddyPress features like group creation to paying users only, and there's no reason that that couldn't be extended with a bit of minor development to cover the facility to join groups and also create blogs.

    Alternatively, you could offer users *only* the special supporter sign up form (click on 'Pro' to get a feel for it at Edublogs) after which they must pay (they can also skip that, but you can hack out the skipping link) - which would pretty much do the same.

    Do you have any development experience / someone who could assist.

    I know Aaron's sitting on a major update of Supporter too which may assist with some of these features - wither way though it can certainly be done with a minimum of fuss, and we're happyh to advise if you ruin into any sticky bits.

    Thanks again for becoming a member of WPMU DEV :slight_smile:

    Cheerss, James

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