Pay to Blog module has big potential.

Pay to Blog module

This module has the potential to be the cornerstone of the Pro Sites plugin. The title is very straight forward and intuitive; the implementation less so and a bit flawed.

A new user signs up, goes thru 3 steps or screens at wp-signup.php. On the 3rd screen, the user is prompted to check email and click on the link in the welcome email to activate the blog.

The text on the resulting screen is misleading:
"Your account is now activated. View your site or Log in"

If the user clicks on the link to 'View your site', the site is disabled, as he has not paid. Yet he hasn't yet been prompted to.

Might this flow not be improved so that the user is prompted to pay on the 3rd sign up screen? Preferably, these 3 screens are streamlined into a single sign up screen.

To begin signup, a potential customer would look at a table with rows of subscription levels and columns of checked features. At the bottom of each column would be a sign up button. When clicked, the result would be similar to clicking the Pay with Card button here:

Thanks for reading,
Anyone like this idea?