Pay to Blog Override

I was thinking about installing the "Pay to Blog" plugin, but when thinking through the logic in terms of how I would like to implement and control it, I wanted to know if there is a way to override/skip the payment option for certain users?

  1. For instance, if I want a particular user to be able to blog for free, while others still have to pay.
  2. Also, would it be possible to force that "free blogger" to pay at some point in the future, even if this was a manual step on my part as the admin.
  3. Likewise, could I force a paying blogger out of the payment system and allow them to blog for free?

I'm tempted to just install it and see if I can manually create a blog, forcing it past the payment option etc, but thought it better to ask first before tinkering on a live site. I also thought using some combination of the supporter and upgrades plugins may help, but I haven't fully delved into those yet.