Pay to Blog Plugin. Question about disabling every 3 mo and annual subscription. Also have settings

Hey there- I'm going backwards here. Needed pay-to-blog rather than supporter (*ugh*). I will only charge month-to-month. I would really like to charge $19.95, but don't get that option (I can only enter a whole number). Is there a way to disable the 3 month and annual sections? Also, it is not clear what purpose the message area serves. Does one normally write a welcome message here? write about fees? what typically goes here? Another question....the Extend Blog area....what's that about? TIA :slight_smile:

  • DavidM

    Hi tutuology,

    I'll get you that code tidbit in just a moment, but I wanted to at least get you the following info to get you started.

    The message you're referring to would simply be a welcome message, anything you want really. You can alternatively leave it blank.

    The Extend blog area is for you to manually extend the blog for whatever reason. You could, for instance, extend a member's blog just to make them happy!


  • DavidM

    Hi tutuology,

    Sorry it took a moment, but I had some other items to work on as well. The following should remedy limit your user's payment options to just a single monthly subscription. Besides having attached the altered file itself, which you can simply replace your original with, I've included the alteration as follows.

    So in the pay-to-blog.php file, you can simply replace lines 550 - 557 with the following:

    /* echo '<p class="submit" style="padding-top:2px;">';
    echo sprintf( __('Activate blog for three months (for %s %s)', 'ptb'), get_site_option( "pay_to_blog_3_cost" ), get_site_option( "pay_to_blog_currency" ))  . '<br />';
    echo pay_to_blog_paypal_button_output(3);
    echo '</p>';
    echo '<p class="submit" style="padding-top:2px;">';
    echo sprintf( __('Activate blog for one year (for %s %s)', 'ptb'), get_site_option( "pay_to_blog_12_cost" ), get_site_option( "pay_to_blog_currency" ))  . '<br />';
    echo pay_to_blog_paypal_button_output(12);
    echo '</p>'; */

    The /* */ is another way of commenting the lines as opposed to using // on every line. Please let me know if any of this needs clarification!


  • gdtsb


    I really wanted to pay 9.90 but it is not possible ...
    I changed the "$ counter" to the display is ok
    but it becomes random recording
    Once the select stores the three months after the 12 months ...
    impossible for him to keep the 3 values ??at the same time.

    What I forgot to change it?

    Sorry for my English, I'm French:wink:

    line332 for exemple

    					$pay_to_blog_1_cost = get_site_option( "pay_to_blog_1_cost" );
    					$counter = 0.0;
    					for ( $counter = 0.0; $counter <= 200; $counter += 0.1) {
                            echo '<option value="' . $counter . '"' . ($counter == $pay_to_blog_1_cost ? ' selected' : '') . '>' . $counter . '</option>' . "\n";

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