Pay To Blog & Supporter ?


I am trying to solve this problem for two weeks already and now I need your choise:

I'd like my users to pay for creating blog at very beginning - during registration.. I am going to create different packages with Supporter (3.0) plugin.

Creating blog will be free, creating pro blog will be in same way (if user wants - (s)he can upgrade with Supporter) and second package will let users create e-Shops as second package will contain MarketPress plugin and themes for e-Shop. So, blog will be free and if user wants (s)he will upgrade it (as standard) and e-Shop will be paid and user should pay for it during registration (not with Supporter, when (s)he wants). This happens with Pay To Blog I know, but how to use both - Supporter and Pay To Blog?

Are any issues there?


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    Right now, there's no way to configure pay-to-blog and supporter to do this. The current beta of Supporter available on the forums would allow you to do this though. There's a new beta that should be posted in the next couple days for Supporter that will fix many of the reported bugs and add some new features.

    That's your best bet. Thanks!

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