Pay To Blog With Domain Mapping


I'm new so please hang in there with me. I understand that I can set up Wordpress mu using sub domains mapped to unique domains. However, I'm not clear if I can set up Pay to Blog so that users can pay to control/lease an entire blog for a period of time.

The goal is to create several hundred blogs under separate domains so that each blog/domain can be leased to individuals. An example of this is could be:

Main Site - (this site would list the available categories for lease. i.e.,,, etc...

Is this something that can be done using the Pay to Blog plugin? If so, can people pay through both main site ( and the individual site ( This way business owners might find the individual blog listed in the serps and could easily pay to lease the site.

I am open to alternatives to achieve the goals in case I'm way off base.

Thanks for your help.