Pay with a like: About translation, and sub-menu(Custom)


How is going?

I hope you having good day.

I want ask you about translation.

I realized ,even if I have translated your translation file to my language(ja), following three texts were still written in English.

1 :smiley:o not include the post URL here. The post URL is automatically added by Twitter

(sub-menu:social button ? turning on tab menu Twitter?This text will show up)

2:id – This is the unque global number for the Pay With a Like element. You can make this a very large number like 987654321 to ensure it does not match an existing post ID.

(Sub-menu: Custom?This text will show up)

3: Pay with a like

(This is a icon’s description of Pay with a like in text editor)

1 and 3 are quite important for me.

Please give me a suggestion.

And also, if possible, I don’t want to show the sub-menu: Custom, because my customer will get confused)

Do you have any kinds of solution for this?

In addition to this????

I tried to use Pay with a like for Post content, but it didn’t work.

Although, on page, it sometimes is working, it is still in accurate

Could you give me any suggestion?

I will give you a temporary access to my admin.

Please help me!

King Regards