Pay With A Like - Different URLs for each button

I'm not sure if this has been done before, but a client requested this so I made some changes to the core plugin file, if this could be added in a future version then we won't have to be scared to update!

The request was for the Facebook and Google Like & +1 buttons to like custom URLs.

I added a couple of boxes on the post page so that these can be customised, and if they weren't customised then the websites Facebook and Google URLs would be used.

Essentially they are liking the Facebook/Google pages to unlock content site-wide.

The only problem I see with this, is that if users delete cookies, then they will have to unlike and then like the page again.

That being said the file edited was wp-content/plugins/pay-with-a-like/pay-with-a-like.php

Changes are surrounded by:

// Added by Mike
// End Added by Mike

Changes are on lines:
1277 - 1289
1334 - 1337
1390 - 1399
1482 - 1490
2020 - 2035
2142 - 2163

Here's the code:

I'm not a PHP coder so it's probably awful code, but hopefully this will help someone and maybe Paul can find a way to implement it better if this is a feature that others have requested.