Pay with a Like – How to setup for a Download

I cannot figure out how to use this plugin to offer a downloadable file for a like.

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    Hi CIXdesigns

    Hope you had a wonderful day.

    Here you will see full guide of using this plugin:

    In that page, you will see a section where "generating shortcode" is described with screenshot. While creating a post, you will get an icon at the top which will auto generate shortcode for your download link. Please check the attached screenshot for reference.

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  • Ivan Shulev
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    Hey @cixdesigns,

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    From WP Admin > Pay With a Like > Customization => Using Pay With a Like as a shortcode :

    “id – This is the unque global number for the Pay With a Like element. You can make this a very large number like 987654321 to ensure it does not match an existing post ID.”

    This means that you can make up the ID as long as it is big enough not to duplicate an existing post ID. Using an ID like “127845711” should do the trick.

    You can use the shortcode as follows:

    [pwal id="127845711" description="Like if you want to see the goods :)"]Golden content![/pwal]

    Feel free to change the description as it will appear above the social buttons.

    To make the shortcode work, you need to be using the “Use selection tool” Excerpt Method.

    You can enable that per post/page.

    Or from the general settings (WP Admin > Pay With a Like > Settings > Default settings for Pay With a Like content protection => Revealed content selection method)and override it in individual posts/pages if needed.

    If you believe there is a conflict, please follow this link to determine the culprit (a part of the article addresses conflict issues) –

    I hope this helps and I wish you an awesome day ahead!


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