Pay with a Like - If already liked have to unlike and relike the page

I'm having a problem with Pay with a Like. I have set it up so that the Like button likes a client's Facebook page. The problem is that if someone comes to the content and already likes the Facebook page, then the Like button is already ticked - it knows they like the FB page, but the content doesn't show. The user then has to click the button - which changes the button to a thumbs up and doesn't reveal the content (because clicking the button actually unliked the page). Then they have to click the button again - liking the page again. When they click for the second time the content is then revealed.

This is not user-friendly at all. Is it possible to fix this? Ideally by immediately revealing the content if the person already likes the URL that the button is attached to, or by making the first click still "Like" the page and therefore reveal the content.

The client we are building this for has a big competition going live in just a couple of weeks and I need this working before then. Thanks.