Pay with a Like issues & suggestion

Hi guys,
I LOVE the plugins, but there are some issues with Pay With a Like. First off, a Share is going to be much more powerful than a Like, so why is the option not available? A share allows you to add a share image and description. It also uses the same FB.ui interface, so shouldn't be an issue.

Pay with a Tweet - why do you not allow a user defined link to tweet? I've got a coloring book I'm publishing, and people that download the kindle version can get a PDF copy by clicking the link in the Kindle version, then paying with a share/like/tweet. I'd like people to visit the site's main page for the book or the Amazon link to the book.

However, the tweet option short circuits my intended sales funnel and takes them straight to a download page, and that's not good at all. So I can't use the tweet option.

I hope you can update this plugin to include a share option and fix the deal with the pay with a tweet option. In the meantime, I'm using some custom code that I wrote to add the pay with a share functionality. Maybe it can be incorporated into the plugin sometime?