Pay with a Like: Login with Wordpress?

I've gotten Pay with a Like to work.

What I've noticed:
Safari - button links to PayPal (sandbox)
Opera & Firefox - button links to WordPress login.

What I'd prefer:
Button to link to Paypal.

How do I get the Wordpress login link to be the Paypal link?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    thanks for posting.

    i'm not sure i'm understanding you correctly.

    pay with a like doesn't use paypal, you pay for content by liking the page. no paypal involved.

    or are you referring to 'pay-per-view'?

    could you explain a bit more what you are trying to do? is that a custom page? what are you using for the subscription service?


  • asdweb
    • Flash Drive

    Yes! Sorry. Can I change the title of this thread?

    I'm not doing anything more than what Pay Per View is created to do.

    I have page with the ppv short code, then once someone pays via PayPal, they have access to all the protected pages.

    In Safari, the link goes right to PayPal, but in Chrome and Firefox, it presents a wordpress login.

    I'm not understanding why with the same configuration, I'm getting two different results.

    Is it necessary to have people register for the site to provide access?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    it's necessary to register when using the recurring payments to view all protected content because paypal needs a User id to link to so they can access the content all the time & don't have to worry about cookie expiration.

    the ppv where you only pay to view that particular content uses a cookie, so there's no need for registration, you can't do that with the other methods because cookies can be cleaned.

    however, i don't know why safari is just linking to paypal, but chrome & firefox goto wordpress login. if they're choosing the same payment even with safari it should ask them to register.

    in the case of the image you posted above,

    if a user clicks the 'access all content for $6 per day' or the 30 day, they should be asked to register with all browsers.

    unfortunately i can't test with safari as I'm not on a MAC.

    let me just ping the developer for you on this. could you post a url to your content page that's protected with ppv? so we can test it, we do have a few mac users here who can test with safari.


  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    I guess I'd ask if you were already logged in when you tried it in Safari? And not logged in on the Firefox etc.It should ask for a login if your not logged in and skipped if you already are.

    If there's still a problem please post an url where we can see it happen.

  • asdweb
    • Flash Drive

    Ok. I feel silly missing the obvious (that I was logged in on Safari)... Whoops.

    I logged out. Went to the page. Options to log in. Chose WordPress, went to PayPal, paid, returned to the originating page.

    Amended: When I refreshed the page, I was able to view the protected content.

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