Pay with a Like not working!

When I first installed and tested this plug in, everything worked great. Then all of a sudden without changing a single setting the Facebook button on the protected page went missing and there were only the other 3 networks to choose from to unlock the content. I checked the settings and the Facebook option was still checked off, nothing had changed. There are no other plug ins for social media so nothing conflicting. I tried looking at it on a different browser and same thing, no Facebook! I even installed it again on a new wordpress install and had the settings set the same with all the social media buttons and did a test and checked it. Same thing still, NO Facebook Like button! I logged out of my facebook account just in case and checked the page again. Still NO Facebook!

What is going on and why isn't it working? Facebook was the one I needed the most and was at first going to use a lock plugin ONLY for Facebook, now I can't even get it to show!