Pay With A Like Plugin Doesn't Work After Update

Hi everyone,

I need some help with Pay with a Like plugin. I have used it without problem for a couple weeks. Then, just now I got notification on new update to version

I updated it and... it stopped working. I tried customising all the setting. I tried using shortcode. I tried using select tool. All didn’t work.

What I did was I replace it with version 1.

Any suggestion?

Just for your information: I use the plugin (version 1) only to 'hide' some content of one category in my blog:
I manually set the excerpt length.

Is there any easy way to update it to version 2 without changing all the post in that category one by one?


  • Alexander

    Hi @oeij,

    I'm not quite sure why this would happen. I haven't seen other reports of it. I think this might be a conflict between some of the new plugin settings and features and another plugin or theme on your site.

    I noticed a handful of javascript errors when I pulled up your site. This could be related.

    Can you try testing for a theme or plugin conflict? You can do this following the chart here:

    Once we identify a conflict, we can look for a specific solution for it.

    Let me know how it goes!

  • Paul


    This may be due to a change in the logic where it determines when to display the buttons. Can you provide details on your settings? Mainly need the PWAL > Settings page and the individual post PWAL metabox to see if you are being effected by the same logic issue.

    In another thread for example a Member does not have the 'Posts' item checked but wants to protect an individual post where he had enabled PWAL via the post form metabox. Wondering if your settings are similar.

  • oeij

    @Alexander Rohmann: I don't feel like testing the plugins one by one since I have very tight schedule these couple days. So what I did was, I replace the PWAL plugin folder with my downloaded PWAL (version 1). And all works as before :smiley:

    @Paul: my PWAL settings (version 2) is exactly the same with what I set on PWAL version 1, which is:

    Activation for posts: Disabled for all posts
    Activation for pages: Disabled for all posts
    Activation for custom post types: Disabled for all posts
    Revealed content selection method: Automatic excerpt from the content
    Excerpt length (words): 40

    Enable on the home page: No, show full content
    Enable for multiple post pages: Yes, show buttons
    Admin sees full content: no
    Authorized users see full content: No
    Search bots see full content: No
    Cookie validity time: 24

    Buttons to use: I check all
    Load scripts for: I check all
    Facebook comment popup: checked

    How I use the plugin: (version 1)
    - add post
    - on the meta box:
    Enabled? Always enabled
    I manually write Excerpt length.
    - Publish post

    I tried to copy all the steps above on version 2 but it doesn't work.

  • Paul


    Thanks for the details. I've patched the logic for PWAL. When you have some time please try this beta

    In the 2.0 version the logic was such that is the post type was not set then the logic stopped. In the patched version the logic considers the individual post enabled setting.

    In your plugins folder you can simply rename the current pay-with-a-like folder to something else like play-with-a-like.v1 then upload the beta to pay-with-a-like for testing and easily be able to switch back to the v1 if needed. Thanks.

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