Pay with a like Plugin Not Working


I was working with you regarding an Issue with this Plugin on my site. I've raised the ticket for the same on November 28, 2012 which is yet to be resolved.

This is the Ticket:

Till Now, You said that I didn't provided you with the FTP Access so you're unable to help me. So, 2 Days Ago I've provided you with the FTP Access but you haven't still solved my Problem. I haven't received a response from you itself.

I'm working with "Tim" through emails, but even he didn't responded.

Also, I was trying through share the Ticket URL with my Friends and Forums so that they can know what's happening and they can help me with the issue on this Plugin. But, I can access the ticket when I'm logged in But I was not able to share it Publicly. I've seen several other tickets which are perfectly visible even when I'm logged in. Please inform me how can i share this ticket my friends and in Forums.

Regarding the Problem, I also see that you're not actively working on the issue. If You're working on it then I would be able to see the likes and tweets in my Settings Panel in Wordpress. I don't see any Increase in likes and Tweets so that I can atleast believe you're working on this issue.

I can't keep this Plugin Installed in my Blog since it's not working. It's effecting my Traffic and Revenue.

I don't really understand why you're doing this delay. It has been already 48HRs since i sent you the FTP and Site Login Details. I want you to solve this Quickly.

If You have any issues debugging the plugin then inform me when you'll debug so that I can uninstall the Plugin till then and I'll upload it once again when you're ready to Debug.

Inform me your reply ASAP.

  • PC

    Hello @gurrambharath

    Greetings and thanks for your post.

    I understand your sense of urgency to get the issue fixed, and I see that @Timothy is already working on the other thread you posted.

    Please note that creating multiple threads do not reduce the time taken to fix the issue. Fixing is problem which is there due to unknown reasons is not a matter of a few clicks especially if the plugin works fine with all other sites, Tim will need to dig into it and find out where the problem is.

    There can be 100's of reasons for a problem. One fine day one of our members was not able to use the comments plus plugin on his site and the problem seemed to be his host blocking the oauth requests which was at last fixed by the host.

    I would request and really appreciate if you give us sometime to get the issue identified and help you fix it.

    Please let me know the solution with 12-24 Hours.

    @Zyniker is also a member like you and provides his valuable thoughts and suggestions when other members post their problems. I understand that you have got deadlines to meet, even support staff needs some time with family especially when we work a lot of hours a day.

    Please note that we are working on the problem you are facing and will keep you posted on the original thread.

    Thanks, PC

  • gurrambharath

    Hello Pranaya Chaudhary,

    I've started another thread only because I haven't received a response from you from the past 2 days. If you have atleast replied me with saying "I'm working on the issue" then I would have waited.

    I completely understand what you said. I know, you too are Humans and You cannot work 24Hrs a day. All of us have Families and we need to spend time with them. All I was expecting is that one sentence from you "We're Working on the Plugin, Stay tuned". Since I haven't received it I've started a new thread.

    Also, I'm not able to access the Previous thread with it's URL. I was trying to share this url with my Friends and Few Forums I'm active in, but when i send them the URL, They say It's getting redirected to the Q/A Homepage instead of the thread. Even @Zyniker was unable to access the thread. Definitely there is some problem. So It's also a reason for me to start a new one.

    I've also tested this Plugin with "WPEngine Hosting" Unfortunately It didn't work. It's Working in Firefox and IE But not in Chrome. In chrome when i click on "F5" after liking it then the Hidden content is getting displayed. The Problem is only with the Refresh which is not happening Automatically.

    Also, Think on my Perspective, I'm loosing some good money because of this Plugin. I'm trying hard on this only because it will help my business a lot if things work for me. If this didn't work I've the alternative of Free Plugins which are working fine, only problem with them is "The Hidden content is not accessible by Search Engines".

    Hope you understand and Solve it ASAP.


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