Pay with a Like Plugin

I am setting up Pay with a Like to give access to some free online software. I want the site visitor to register using a form so that we can get a record of who is using it and then when they have done that they have to click Pay with a Like and when that is done return them to a page with a link on it to the software. I have a couple of questions.

1. When working with the Pay with a Like Settings under Accessibility Settings I do not want the cookie time to expire i.e. once they register they can use it for as long as it is up there so what should go in this box?

2. The form on the Register page is to be mailed to us. When they click Submit they receive a message saying “message sent” but they are still on the form page. How do I set Pay with a Like that after the message is sent they see a Pay with a Like button also along with the message sent? I know that I have to create a protected content page with the link to the software but am unsure how to set Pay as you Like to do this. I have looked at the user information but I am obviously not getting it :slight_frown: