Pay with a like won't let me choose my facebook image or any other custom Open graph settings.


I am using pay with a like on this page:

When i hit the like button, everything works,however the image that is posted to facebook is not the image i want to use. i have tried overiding this the following ways without success:

1. Ultimate Facebook app: Under Facebook Upen graph i put an image under "always use this image". This did not overide the image on the above link.
Note: i put a like button on this page:
and the overide of image worked. (leads me to believe it is a setting/bug in pay with a like that is an issue).

2. I tried using Yoast SEO setting. Under the specific page there is an option for social which allows you to specify facebook Open Graph options. This did not work either.

Can you please let me know what the issue is?

Dominic Cayme