Pay with Like and Linked In Not Refreshing After Share

Hi there, I have been using the Pay with Like plug in for quite a while now on a site I manage. Recently we noticed that the Linked In Share button doesn’t work right. The button will share a post to Linked In, but it will not refresh the page or give access to the article after doing so. The other social media buttons work properly. I tried to uncheck the JS button in the back, but that didn’t work. Wondering if you had any solutions or issues with this before. I could not find anything in support on this.

I am running the latest version of the plug in and wordpress, but I have disabled the Linked In button until I can get a fix. Also, the Tweet button doesn’t show a count as the others do, even though that is the style selected for the button.

To see this active, please visit this page:

I do have the Linked In button disabled — do I need to activate it for you to see the issue?