Pay wpmu staff to get things done

There are a lot of features and items that I want done to my site and I love wpmu plugins but it’s just… there’s so much more that I want done that won’t be done unless I pay up. Not with another year of membership but with some cold, hard cash.

Right now, I want a simple feature added to coursepress. To have coursepress come built in with a simple monthly payment feature with it. I requested it about a year ago and… nothing of the sort came out. What I want is a way to pay you guys money to add features to your plugins that we want. And don’t say there’s the “Request” forum. I’m saying paying cash to get stuff done today! Heck, you can even release it with the next “patch”. This little feature will improve your customer service a lot and bring in extra cash.

Just a thought and a suggestion that will make everyone’s life better.