Paygate for Single Live Event

Hiya, hoping someone can assist.

What I'd like to do is create a single live event for which sell tickets. Attendees do not need an account, necessarily. They just need an access code that will work for the day of the live event. I'm thinking they could access a single custom post on the day with just their email and a access code. (the custom post will only be active on the day of show and afterward to paid attendees). If they come early, they will get a "Show not live Yet."
Also, they can come back and access archives. The archives can be purchased separately or as a bundle. Lastly, no two access codes should be allowed online at the same time... (need to think of way to keep people from sharing the archives...)

I was thinking that a combination of Membership and MarketPress with some other event (Eventbrite? or would that even be needed?) plug-in could make it work, but maybe someone here has a better way?


  • Philip John


    Firstly, I think using a code would complicate the system more than is necessary.

    What I'd suggest is using Membership with a level for the live event and then levels for each archive you have.

    Each of those levels would provide access to one page which would have the event on.

    Then, you can create a subscription for each live event.

    Note though, that Membership only allows a user to have one subscription at a time so you might want to create some smart bundles for your subscriptions (e.g. live + archive, genre-specific etc).


  • chrispalle

    Thank you for the fast reply, Phil!

    We'll have many events with many archives, but an attendee would only be able to access the event for which they bought a ticket and the archives (multiple pages/posts) for that event. Wouldn't having a membership level for each event and archive become over-bearing. My understanding of membership levels are to have only a few to be effective, but perhaps this "smart bundling" you mentioned is where we should focus. (because we intend to give discounts to events for members, where non-members pay full-price – unless they have a promotion code.

    Plus, archives of events could be purchased in bundles or one-offs.

    Do you have more details on how bundling would work, plus something that could effectively do ticket sales?

  • aecnu

    Greetings chrispalle :slight_smile:

    sir after reading over your discussion, why not use MarketPress to sell both the tickets and the archives?

    Use Market Press as the front end to sell the Tickets which are Digital Downloads with the picture of a ticket and the corresponding events code and URL to the event post/page.

    Control of the event can be done using Password Protect selected content which the password to that event corresponds to the "Ticket" password they purchased in Market press :slight_smile:

    This would be one category in Market Press while the other category could be archived events in which they pay and get the download of the archived event.

    In both cases you can control how many downloads too - in addition if you do not want archived events downloaded you could once again sell a "Ticket" to the archived event using the same procedure as used for live events :slight_smile:

    Joe :slight_smile:

  • chrispalle

    Hey Joe! And congrats on levelling up to Support Staff! To answer your first question, I thought about MarketPress, but hadn't tried it out yet as I was given this Membership suggestion.

    What you're describing sounds very close to what I want to achieve. I think what's botching me up from finding a solution (for both the Membership approach as well as the MarketPress) is the notion of using categories to create a product because eventually we'll wind up with an unruly amount of categories (one category for every pay-per-view event and one for every archive) and it will become messy; categories were not designed to be used in that way.

    These ideas seem plausible for short-term, but will become onerous to manage for the long-term. Perhaps if we move away from the notion of using categories as our connective tissue, we can figure this out.

    It seems there should be a DB table that has a record for every purchase. Each purchase would have the Event_ID (which is just a post ID for a custom content type), the purchaser ID (email or username if they have an account), their access code for that one event, which could be used for the archives at the admin's discretion (and maybe some other metadata like date of purchase, expiry date, etc.)

    An events management plug-in would help in keeping track of the events.

    Right direction? Thoughts?

    There's another thread tagged with MarketPress I feel that should be combined with this one.


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