Payment Gateway

Question 1:
Do the plugins - Supporter and Upgrades -- work with gateway?

Question 2:
Is there a plugin that allows people to pay online with any amount I specify? I like to email my customer with a url link for him to click and pay online with the specified amount.

  • Todd Heitner

    Do you have any plans to add support for I would love to use the Supporter plugin but do not want to use PayPal or Amazon for payments. It doesn't make sense from a business perspective to make users sign up for a third party service to be able to use my site. It probably works in certain niches where most users are likely to have a PayPal account, but for a niche that is less technical it doesn't make sense. I need the option to use my own merchant account for credit card processing.

  • Todd Heitner

    I've heard people talk about wanting this and looking for solutions, but there just aren't very good options right now. At the moment, the only way I know to do it is with aMember and it's not a very good solution for this.

    Aaron, why would it be a big deal? SSL is simple to set up and most hosts will even do it for you. And I don't see why you'd need a wildcard certificate because the payments would be made from the main domain. The individual users with subdomains wouldn't be processing payments.

    I've got a setup right now with aMember and I have an SSL and everything, but it's a pretty crappy setup because you lose the option to use a lot of plugins because it doesn't use the wpmu signup process but uses its own signup form and just writes certain things to the database. But a lot of the options are hardcoded in there.

    With the Supporter plugin you have control over exactly what people can access - plugins, etc. So that's what I want, but I just don't want to use something like PayPal or Amazon. I want to be able to use my merchant account so people can just pay with credit cards without having to signup for an account somewhere else.

    I know PayPal has some nice points, but at the same time it has some major issues. The big thing is that for recurring payments it requires an account with PayPal. So people go to order and then they have to login to PayPal. If they don't have one, a lot of people are just going to leave.

    Also, PayPal tends to cancel recurring subscriptions often when the user updates their billing info, such as updating their credit card details. PayPal cancels any subscriptions that were tied to the old card info. I don't know for sure if it happens only when they get a new card number or it also happens when they just update their expiration date. But I know that in the past when I used PayPal for recurring payments, on a regular basis I'd have customers with canceled subscriptions that didn't intend to cancel.

    Actually, I'd probably even be ok with using something like 2CheckOut for the recurring payments since they don't require users to create an account there. It's not ideal since users don't always recognize the charge on their statement and cancel out of confusion. So would be much better, but I could probably work with 2CheckOut for now if it was easier to incorporate.

  • Aaron

    Well the good news is that with supporter 2.0 we made the payment gateways modular, so they are actually really seperate plugins. You could hire a developer to create a custom payment gateway using the amazon files for an example framework. I tried to include lots of comments in the source.

    As Andrew said, we may tackle this in the future if there is enough interest. You are right that in moving the checkout process to the main domain might simplify the ssl issue enough for a majority of users.

  • Qlof

    I have SSL but I think a majority of members doesn't so I say focus on other stuff... Does moneybookers require SSH aswell?

    Personally I think that is by far the best payment option. It has a smart system that makes everybody happy. If you pay for something they can hold your payment until you recieve the goods. If you don't, the reseller can either refund or claim the money but he will not be paid until the buyer accepts it. At the same time, the seller can not be refunded unless the reseller accepts that. So in a dispute payson holds on to the money until it's sorted out so that nobody can ripp anybody off. Other than that, it works just like paypal with credit card or payson account.

    But it's a swedish company and not very big abroad so I don't expect anything. I think a similar US company would do well...

  • Christopher Price

    I use a standard merchant gateway (Quantum) so that I can charge for a variety products/services I offer. It would be awkward to have separate billing systems for different products and would make accounting and reporting functions difficult as well. So, I do all my billing from this gateway via WHMCS to handle all the account/billing stuff. It integrates nicely into the blog as /support/. Of course, my support section uses SSL.

    In my mind, it makes no sense for WPMU Dev to work on a specific gateway plugin, since it's unlikely that they could anticipate all the integrations I need. FYI, I posted a job for a custom solution and I got no takers.

    The solution I use now is to set every new blog as a supporter for a 30 day (actually a 45 day) trial. If, during that time, a user upgrades to a paid subscriber plan, they do so through the WHMCS billing system and I am alerted to upgrade their blog to "subscriber" status. I do this by logging in to phpMyAdmin, browse the wp_supporters table, and set the blog's Max expire to 1767160800. If a user cancels, I do the same except I put in an expire time that is, um, expired. I look at is at subscriber ON/OFF.

    That's why, for me, just having an admin blog SUPPORTER TOGGLE would be a good solution. Still manual, but a lot less messy.

    In the future, if I feel like hiring someone to automate the process, I expect it would probably be easier to implement by hooking into such a toggle process.

  • Christopher Price

    Well, I guess I've been away for too long! I just upgraded to the new Supporter plugin. It looks pretty good...

    Issues so far:

    1) Clicking on 'Supporters' column heading in Site Admin/Blogs does not sort records as expected. Reports: "No blogs found"

    2) Clicking on 'Supporter' in a record displayed in Site Admin/Blogs does take me to Supporter Administration, but I'm still limited to extending blog supporter status by up to 365 days...

    So what do I do in a year? How do I know who needs to be extended periodically? This just creates more administrative work plus increases 365x my chances of forgetting to Extend someone for another year. I would still rather just have an option to activate Supporter for a blog until I deactivate it (i.e. Dec 31, 2025).

  • Aaron

    1) Clicking on 'Supporters' column heading in Site Admin/Blogs does not sort records as expected. Reports: "No blogs found"

    A known bug with MU. Just don't try to sort :wink:

    If you use the supporter_extend() function you can pass any number of days (seconds actually). Otherwise it is a simple modification of supporter_framework.php file to add more days to the dropdown. On line 1094 change the 365 to whatever you want.

  • Christopher Price

    Don't sort. Got it. :slight_smile:

    I changed line 1094 in supporter-framework.php to see how it reacts. Nice easy mod.

    Here is what I'm worried about: If I just extend each blog by, say, 1000 days, I'm still left with not knowing when everyone is due to expire. The expirations will happen all over the calendar.

    I guess if I put it out 10 years it will be a while before some poor admin starts looking into why all the old-timers are loosing all their features. Of course, that also makes for a heck of a drop down box.

    Is there no easy way to just set a blog to expire at 1767160800?

    Update: Playing with line 1094, I used the following settings:
    for ( $counter = 365; $counter <= 7300; $counter += 365) {

    So, I extended a blog by 7300 days (20 years) thinking that since UNIX time ends in 2025, it would modify the extend to the max possible time. I am surprised that it just accepted it and reports:
    Supporter priviledges will expire on: November 11, 2029

    So, could anything, um, *BAD* happen as a result of this setting?

  • nightlyfe

    I talked in depth with the team at automa**ic about their work at and it seems that they ran into a number of gateway-related issues in creating the cc/buddypress setup there. It works, but took a min.

    Probably not wise for wpmudev to undertake supporting a gateway plugin at this time, though I would like to see a good secure way to automate activation (similar to the paypal ipn process). +1 for you trying if you have time. It would be ideal if you could create an example gateway plugin (cc sandbox) that we could use to do our own support/mods.

    I'm much more interested in a way to have members pay a monthly fee, and for those members who want blogs to pay an additional 'extra' fee (supporter). This is getting away from the idea that the blog is the supporter. Supporter makes more sense for a person/member, where as extras or advanced makes sense for a blog. Its a misused personification...

    In this member-pays-a-membership / blog-gets-extras model, a modular system that will allow cc-based payments to be processed would be ideal. (ie the same plugin for both members and supporter and an assumption that they'll both be used on the same server). psuedo idea:

    $logged_in: false -> create an account (signup.php)..
    $is_member: false -> process payment,
    $is_member: true, $is_supporter: false ->process payment.

    User account would show one bill, however.. Would also be great to allow for packages.

    During signup package example:
    Create a free account, become a member for X or become a member & get a blog with extras for Z (Z being less than standard price of membership/X + supporter/Y).

  • Dhikra

    Hello everyone!

    Andrew, you said:

    There is no signup form for merchants. I can't even find any API documentation.

    Speaking about Moneybookers, that is.
    I've been using Moneybookers for quite a while now, and actually you don't need to message them or anything to have a merchant account.
    Messaging them is only intended for support if you're not sure if you want a personal account or a company account.
    You just go to and sign up for either a personal or a company account (you can use the merchant gateway with either one).
    The manual to implement the gateway is available here:

    All this just to say that I hope you'll decide to have a look into it. :slight_smile:
    But if you decide not to, thanks anyway, you're offering a great service over here already!

  • arulnick

    So now that you guys accept credit cards directly, does that mean you're planning on releasing a new version of supporter that enables more Gateway/options. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say, if you added that I will remain a members for life. ( ; I seriously feel like it's something that could be done fairly quickly, as you mentioned with the amazon payment gateway information as the foundation. I just don't have time with my current workload unfortunately ) ;

    Hope that's coming now that you just released the option to pay with credit cards direct through wpmudev. That would be totally cool!

  • Andrew

    So now that you guys accept credit cards directly, does that mean you're planning on releasing a new version of supporter that enables more Gateway/options.

    This site does not run on the Supporter plugin. So us modifying our system here really doesn't affect the Supporter plugin (or any other) :wink:

    That said, I think we may be looking into adding additional gateways to the supporter plugin over the coming months.


  • Kirk Ward

    I would like the opportunity to choose a payment gateway other than PayPal ... I would especially like the giving buyers/subscribers the option of which pyment gateway they want to use, or even the option of rotating through payment gateways so that collections come from a variety of sources. In the godforsaken chance that one cancels my account, this last option could minimize my risk. I have heard so many horror stories where a person made a slight mis-step and PayPal shut their business down completely.

  • Todd Heitner

    Just checking to see if you have any date in mind for when support will be added to the Supporter plugin. I've been watching for it for over a year, hoping one of these times I'll check back and it'll be there. The Supporter plugin is absolutely perfect for what I need except that it doesn't work with so I can't use it.

    I know there has been a lot of discussion about, including adding it for the Membership and Marketpress plugins. I'm guessing that if you get it set up to work with one plugin it'll be easier to add to the others.

    Is there anything I can do to help? I can't help with the programming side of it but I have an account and I'd probably be willing to let you try it for test purchases if needed if that would help. Please let me know if there's something I can do because I have a site that's pieced together with temporary solutions that just aren't working well and if I could use this plugin it would be perfect.