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Hello everybody,
Question and Sugestion:
I want to use MarketPress and ProSite. I need different payment modules like PayPal, QubePoint and countryspecifics. Is there a way to centralise the payment process? For PayPal I have to configure in MarketPress, ProSite and QubePoint. For countryspecific (Postfinance Switzerland) I need to have to develop (let develop) 3 different moduels to access all of them. I think to have a centralised payment-hook-plugin would reduce development cost, reduce plugin overhead and reduce configuration. Is a plugin like that existing or is this not possible?

Thank you for your Input in advanced.

  • marcolino
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Jack

    Thanks for your fast replay. Hope you are also well today.

    I will try to be more precise. My example:

    I need a custom checkout for Switzerland called Postfinance and I need this for different plugins in different languages. So I was thinking it would be best to connect the Postfinance-Checkout-Plugin direct to Wordpress and not to integrate it in every plugin. The gole of this methode would be that it has only to be developed and translated one times. all other plugins wich need this checkout would connect to the same plugin.

    The normal way is like PayPal. It's integrated in every plugin because it's used in every country.

    Postfinance-plugins exits for example for Jigoshop, Magenta and some other shops, but they are expensive.

    So If I need MakretPress, QubePoint, ProSite and others, I have to develop Postfinance-Checkoup for each of these plugins what makes it very expensive. In the way I want do it I have to develop it only one times and tell all the plugins to go to postfinance checkout for payment.

    Could be, that I'm thinking in the bad direction. I don't understand a lot of this, but hopefully you can clarify for me. I'm wondering, why this is not the normal way.

    Other example: For language translation there are best practice for WordPress. I think for plugins, they are used by different plugins, best practice would be to centralice them in a way other plugins can use them instad of develop the same plugin for each e-commerce solution new. (same for shipping-solutions and probably others)

    developer call this methode object oriented, I think.

    Hope you understand what I mean. Thank you for help me.

    Kind Regards

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there Marc,

    I hope you are well today.

    Sorry for the delay with my reply.

    It's an interesting point you bring up, I believe it could work, but how easy it would be I don't know, normally in WordPress you'd create the gateway for each individual plugin and change the hooks and functions to that of the plugin in question.
    However your way could work, but it would be quite a task. You'd need to look through every plugins code that you wish to use with the gateway and see how it handles gateways the hooks, functions and filters, then see how it passes that information to the checkout process, I would personally think that it would be better to go with the custom gateway on a plugin by plugin basis, but of course this is up to you :slight_smile:

    With the translating, this is the official WordPress Codex on translating
    And if you need to know anymore please do let me know, I'd be happy to help!

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member!

    Kind Regards

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