Payment in cash Payment in cash (or other method) upon delivery

Hi, thx for great plugin.

I would like to know is it possible not to use online gateways to pay for the product. My situation: i have network of stores and all of them get payment after completing the order (from hands to hands), actually i forward the ready order to their client – for this i take commission (actually my percent is about 90% and theirs is 10%). I pay out my stores owners their 10% monthly different ways (even from hands to hands). What i need is – a page with information what products are sold (i can change the status of the product), how much it cost, and what percent (in money) my stores owners get (with totals an so on).

I have woocommerce on another blog – and there i have option “Payment in cash (or other method) upon delivery.”

Please help me with that (I am from Ukraine and here online payments are not so spread)

Regards, Yana